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2012, 5 – 6

Hagerty G. International Cooperation in Higher Education: Trends and Innovations

Hagerty G., Ed. D (Harvard University), Honored Doctor of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, President-emeritus of Franklin Pierce University (USA, New Hampshire).

The article focuses on the educational innovations that can be employed to ensure the success of international education or cooperation. The advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and online learning are distinguished. The suitability and prospects of the introduction of the last one are substantiated. Among various modes of delivery, the authors choose to talk about educational, psychological, social, and technological implications of a hybrid online system, classified as the Active Learning model. Larger educational context that prompted the emergence of such models on the global and country-specific levels is discussed as well.

Key words: educational innovations, international education, hybrid online system, Active Learning model.


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