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2013, 3

Nezhyvyi . . Regional Literature Classes (Yuriy Slipko: the Sources of Life and Work)

Nezhyvyi . ., Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

Regional Literature classes help schoolchildren progress in their literature education by providing them with a better understanding of the peculiarities of the literary process and creative writing, developing their skills in doing research activity, affect the formation of their preferences in literature, and allow to combine the study of literature with the local history studies. The history of the literary and artistic life in Lugansk Oblast is rich in talented writers, who have become well-known as representatives of the Ukrainian literature of the 20thCentury.However, some names in the literary process became famous only over time, sometimes decades later. Yuriy Vasyliovych Slipko is among them. His life and professional development occurred in the years of the totalitarian rule. Despite that, he managed to cope with all the challenges, having preserved his creative talent and published two poetic collections, namely Proloh do Pisni (The Prologue to a Song, 1966) and Zelena Fantaziya (The Green Fancy, 1968).His third book Na ludnim vichi (At the Crowded Assembly)was published after his death in 1971.
The main features of Yuriy Slipkos lyrics are the successful combination of publicist and lyric, philosophical and epic aspects in his poetry, the adherence to the poetic traditions, the depth of the ideas express, and the polyphony of the images.

Key words: regional literature, Yuriy Slipko, life and work, poetics, philosophical poetry.


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