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Journal Publication Ethics

Editorial policy of the Journal Education and Pedagogical Sciences ( ) is intended to comply with the ethical norms accepted by the international academic community.

The efforts of the Editorial Board in this regard are based on the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (http://publicationethics.org), as well as on the best practices of reputable international journals and publishing houses.

The presence of new original scientific results that have never been published before is an essential precondition for accepting the article for publication.

If the research materials have been already published, the author shall provide the Editorial Board with bibliographical notes on the previous publications and justify the relevance of the publication of the new variant with the explanation of the nature of the additions and changes in the final variant of the article.

There are two stages of the article review before it is passed for publishing.

The first stage is the review of the article by a reputable scholar in the related field of science (doctor of science, professor) or a recommendation by the corresponding department (to be submitted along with the article).

The second stage is the review of the article by the members of the Editorial Board of the Journal and their decision to put the article into print.

Controversies of any nature (financial, academic, personal, etc.) are examined in detail by the members of the Editorial Board. In case of the confirmation of the suspicion of plagiarism or falsification of research results, the article is rejected with prejudice.

All ethics issues that arise between the authors and the Editorial Board of the Journal and that are not stipulated in this document are regulated by the international standards of COPE ( Committee on Publication Ethics  http ://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and-authors).


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