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2012, 3

Yefimenko M. M. Methodological Potential of W. Reich Psychosomatic Therapy for the Correction of Motor Skills Disorders in Children

Yefimenko M. M., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences , Head, Innovative Pedagogical Center - (Kramators'k, Donets'k oblast).

The article discusses the methodological potential of some findings by W. Reich and his followers in psychosomatics applied to the development of the national system of special physical education of children with musculoskeletal disorders. The emphasis is on the study of the relationship between the bodily and the mental, particularly, on the presence of a " muscular armor" and its impact on the mental development of children . In this regard, the primary task is seen in relaxation ( total psycho-physiological relaxation) of children with musculoskeletal disorders.

Key words: psychosomatics, the bodily , the mental, " muscular armor " mental blocks, psycho-physiological relaxation, correction, motor skills rehabilitation.


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