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2012, ╣ 3

Sperans'ka-Skarga M. A. Professional Pedagogical Image of Prospective Language Teachers (Cognitive Component Formation)

Sperans'ka-Skarga M. A., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Speech Practice Department, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University .

The article outlines the key features of the prospective language teachers' professional image cognitive component formation. The peculiarities of the process of the cognitive component formation were revealed during the pedagogical experiment, which introduced a set of extracurricular activities aimed at the advancement of the knowledge in imagology and skills of self-image-making. According to the results of the experimental work, the syllabus of the extracurricular course ôProfessional pedagogical image of prospective language teachersö was developed.

Key words: professional pedagogical image, cognitive component of the image, prospective language teachers, extracurricular work.


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