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2013, Ļ 1

Karaman ő. L. Characteristics of the Content of Social and Pedagogical Work with Juvenile Delinquents in Penitentiaries

 araman ő. L., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor,Department of Social Work, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The author develops and characterizes the content of the social and pedagogical work with juvenile convicts as the system of its components: educational (basic secondary, vocational and higher education), upbringing (comprehensive education and participation in the programs focused on differentiated educational impact), psychological (psychodiagnostics, psychological prophylaxis, correction, psychological consultation, psychological study), and social (organization of the interaction between the penitentiary personnel and the parties of the resocializing environment). This work is aimed at the realization of the objective related to the resocialization of the individual.
The educational and upbringing work presupposes the overall training and development of all personal aspects of the juvenile, increasing the level of general culture, expanding the perspectives of the successful social reintegration after the release.
The content of the psychological work with the convicts is aimed at the psychological provision of the process of their resocialization and at rising of the level of psychological competence of the penitentiary personnel.
Social work promotes personal development of the juvenile delinquents, which involves the renovation of the social status, family and social connections, the creation of conditions for employment and return home after release, as well as the conditions for the integration into the society as a full citizen.

Key words: content, social and pedagogical work, juvenile convicts.


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