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2013, ¹ 3

Borysova O. V. Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Scientific Discipline „Professional Sport”

Borysova Î. V., Doctor of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor, National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.

The article defines the theoretical and methodological foundations of the scientific analysis of the professional sport, as well as its logic as a scientific and academic discipline.
Professional sport as an object of research requires the study of its social, organizational, legal, economic, and informational aspects at the two levels of knowledge: empirical and theoretical. Furthermore, the methodological, organizational, and material foundation of such study differs depending on whether general education or special education aspect is considered.
The methodological foundation of the research featured in this article was the dialectic approach, which proceeds from the acknowledgement of the universality of the interrelations of social processes and phenomena and the adequate reflection of reality. Knowledge and experience in the sphere of Olympic and professional sport are also put into the foundation of the methodology of the research. The reorganization of the modern sport precipitated by its professionalization and commercialization highlights the need for the scientific substantiation of the reorganization of the national organizational and administrative systems of sport according to global trends.

Key words: professional sport, scientific discipline, academic discipline, methodology and research methods, empirical and theoretical levels of knowledge.


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