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2014, ¹ 2

Kubanov R. A. European Standards ²SO 9000 as the Methodology of Quality of Education Assurance in Higher Educational Institutions

Kubanov R. A., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Doctoral Candidate of the Department of Pedagogy, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The requirements to the quality of training specialists with higher education articulated within the framework of the Bologna Reforms are more rigorous. The author of the article concludes that the driving force behind these heightened requirements to the quality of education both in Ukraine and the world in general is the new expectations of the consumers of educational services and the increasing competition in this sphere. It is further established that, for the quality of education to improve, each educational institution needs to constantly enhance the methods and means of its work on the quality of educational services.
The standardization of the organizational structure and documents processing can become a basis for the creation of a comprehensive program of the quality management of services in the field of education. ²SO 9000 Standards give an opportunity to higher educational institutions to considerably improve the work on the quality of education. In this regard, the article defines the essence of the ²SO 9000 Standards, their role, peculiarities, and limitations as a methodology of quality assurance in higher educational establishments. The quality management principles set in these standards define the major directions of the higher educational institution’s work on the creation and introduction of its own system of quality standards.

Key words: standard, quality management, competitiveness, consumers, students.


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