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2014, 2

Kornuta O. V., Pryhorovska T. O. Teaching Engineering and Computer Graphics To Foreign Students

Kornuta O. V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Pryhorovska T. O. Teaching Assistant, Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Today, Ukrainian technical universities accept many foreign students, mostly from Africa and Asia. The article is focused on the issues related to teaching Perspective Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics to first-year foreign students at Ukrainian technical universities. Insufficient entry level of knowledge in basic subjects and the lack of basic computer skills along with the essential differences in the methods and forms of teaching used in post-USSR schools and universities and foreign schools and universities are among the major challenges these universities have to address to enhance the learning experience of foreign students.
It is in this context that the author of the article analyses the methods and didactic techniques of the optimization of teaching first-year student: teaching in English; the need for the maximum visualization of the examples of expected performance and the use of methodological materials with step-by-step explanations; small groups of students (no more than 20 people) at practical classes; availability of free tutorials, books, notes, video-courses; wide use of tests as a continuous assessment tool; design and introduction of supplementary practical exercises and upgrading of the existing ones; development of video courses; and individual approach to every student.

Key words: lesson structure, methods and didactic techniques, foreign students, step-by-step explanation.


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