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2014, 2

Larina T. V. Educational and Professional Components of Electromechanics Training Program in German Technical Colleges

Larina T. V., Doctoral Candidate, Pedagogical Art Department, Kyiv International University.

The article looks at the educational and professional (vocational) components of the program of training electromechanics specialists in the technical colleges of Germany in terms of their potential to form the professional competence of the graduates. The basis of the analysis is a two-year course of study in a technical college in the State of Hessen.
The curricula of all the concentrations within the electromechanics major are comprised of compulsory, professional, and project work elements. As the Bologna process recognizes the professional competence as the core indicator of the level of the qualification of modern specialists, the author conducted a competence-structure analysis of the curriculum. The results of the analysis suggest that individual components of the curriculum effectively work together to form the professional competence of students and that the structure of the system of education is adequately flexible.
The result of this approach to training is the formation of the professional competence of graduates matching the modern technical and socio-economic requirements ensuring further development of the state. Students studying electromechanics in the technical colleges are, thus, well-equipped to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Key words: educational and professional components, specialized competence, specialists of electromechanics specialities, technical colleges of Germany.


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