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2014, ¹ 2

Naumenko T. S. Ways of Implementing Individual Approach to Students’ Independent Work

Naumenko T. S., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Pre-school and Primary Education, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The article studies the organizational peculiarities of students’ independent work in the teacher-training institutions of the first and the second levels of accreditation.
Different variants of tasks for independent work of students on the subject Principles of Introducing Preschool Children to the World of Nature are described in the context of their adjustment to the individual characteristics of students. The relevance of the individual approach in education is substantiated, and the definitions of the concepts “individuality”, “individualization” are provided in the article. The author argues that family culture, personality type, and dominating learning style can be among the factors that can help adjust the content of the tasks for independent students’ work. The article also looks at the conditions of the effective selection of individual tasks for independent work. Much attention is paid to the influence of peculiarities of students’ temperament and types of intelligence on their learning outcomes in accordance with the theory of H. Gardner.
The article presents different types and forms of the tasks for independent work on some of the topics of the course Principles of Introducing Preschool Children to the World of Nature, as well as a technique of measuring learning outcomes.

Key words: individualization of training, individual approach, independent work, Principles of Introducing Preschool Children to the World of Nature (academic discipline).


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